How to start a career with Linux? Be prepared!


Are you confused on the way to begin a career or does one wish to climb up the corporate ladder? Most of the scholars face some amount of tension before stepping into a new career right after their education. Before you plan your career it’s necessary to own your goals set and then to move on. Even professionals wish to revamp their career as they fail to savor their role. If that’s your condition, then it’s the exact time to move forward to a winning career.

Why build a career in Linux with Redhat?

Redhat hits billion-dollar income; not exclusively are the income raises to billion dollars by Redhat with Open Source, there various aspects why Linux and Open Source are the basic building blocks for the future. Some of the aspects are,

  • The major money related trade is executed on Linux frameworks by billions of users
  • The Linux PC work 10 quadrillion operations a moment
  • Facebook uses Linux to create a company forecast
  • There are billion clients who utilize Linux framework from their TV and ATM machine where the servers driving cloud

Highest Demand & Career Progression for Linux in India

India is that the center for the outsourcing and company headquarters of the many MNCs and IT Industries therefore, there are several companies globally using Redhat and that they earn billions of dollars as their annual revenue. The RHEL is used for networking, virtualization, networking security and numerous different purposes therefore this can offer additional opportunities for IT professionals and students who are planning their career.

To get real-time knowledge in Linux Server and to get involved in hands-on practice additionally to learning new features and capabilities of Linux Servers you can earn the RHCE certification. If you’ve got with success completed the RHCE certification you’ll be given higher job opportunities in RHEL (Redhat Enterprise Linux) environments.

RHCE certification is one of the most demanding cours that enrich your talent to deploy and configure networks on Linux servers running RHEL and you’ll enhance your skills in linux system administration. this is particularly for people who will begin their career with a high designation and smart salary in various prominent IT industries.

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Bigger Paychecks for RHCE Certified Professionals

If you want a career change adding Linux to your profile, there are various reasons for you to acquire it right now. The RHCE certified candidates are well recognized in various organizations with a good salary and designation. The Redhat certified candidates are exclusively preferred by the clients and more so a person who is well experienced with that product. RHCE certification helps in boosting the career in Linux and it is also useful to show up your skill when required which means it will boost your future career to get higher positions with a good salary. RHCE course is also a good career start for freshers who wish to prep-one their career growth with the RHCSA certification as it is the most paid certification with an annual average salary; this is just the start on the perks of a Linux career.

Designation Annual Salary
Linux System Administrator Rs 3,34,805 per year
Systems Engineer Rs 3,41,879 per year
Systems Administrator Rs 3,11,541 per year
Technical Support Engineer Rs 2,50,393 per year

Source from PayScale Human Capital

 Webasha Technologies will help you to Build a career in red hat

The main concentration should be given while choosing the best institute where real-time training sessions are conducted. Your certifications and experience will enlighten your future in getting into higher positions with good salaries. Webasha trainers follow a globally recognized syllabus because we are one of the top contributing Red Hat Partner. We have the in-house facility where the Red Hat exam is conducted in our institute and is monitored by Industry experts from Red Hat. We have deep industry knowledge, education processes, technologies and established delivery capabilities to help organizations alter their learning investments into business performance.

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